Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer of Creating, Challenge 21

This week's challenge comes from the amazing Andrea Keller.  I'll let her video speak for itself!

You can watch it by clicking HERE.

Happy Creating!  And don't forget to share with the hashtags #SummerofCreating and #EduLS!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Twitter!! Challenge 20

Now that most of you have jumped both feet into your summer (though I know a few up north are just finishing up) I wanted to create a challenge that has many different layers.

Last summer, when I was hosting the "Summer Learning Series" one of the first things we focused on was social media, and more specifically Twitter.

I know that we're all on different levels and paths when it comes to utilize social media for connecting, learning, growing, and more.

So what I wanted to do was share with you the posts from last summer.

Your challenge this week is to pick one, or more, of the posts from last summer and work on growing more in your use of social media.  Challenge yourself.  Push yourself out of your comfort zone.

I always say that Twitter changed my life.  It changed it professional and personally.  I hope that through this week's challenge you can make some new connections, learn some new materials, and push yourself to share some too!

Already a Twitter pro?  Join a new chat this week, or connect with someone you never have before.  Or Tweet out a burning question you having (using the #EduLS hashtag) and see what response you get!

What is Twitter?  And creating your account

Connect with Others!  Who Do I Connect With?

What is a Hashtag?  Why use them and which ones do I use?

REMEMBER, include the hashtag #EduLS with all of your tweets, so we can learn along WITH you!

Happy Learning!

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