Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Be Different @benjamingilpin & @gustafsonbrad

Hey fellow educators!  Well as you  may or may not have noticed, my life has gotten a little crazy and it's been harder and harder to keep up with the Educator Learning Series.  So for the time being I will be taking a break from creating and finding challenges for you to complete, BUT we WILL be back!

To end strong I recruited two of my favorite people to design a challenge for you!

Ben Gilpin (out of Michigan) and Brad Gustafson (out of Minnesota) are two administrators who not only do I greatly admire, but who are two of the kindest and most inventive guys I know!

This week's challenge is a #BackToSchool challenge!  To think different!

So here ya go, here's Brad and Ben's challenge video!  Check it out HERE

Then tweet out all the awesome things you're gonna do different this school year using the #EduLS hashtag!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Change the Nomenclature Challenge 21

This week's #EduLS challenge comes from the incredible Jake Duncan!

You can read all about it HERE.

Make sure to share your learning via the #EduLS hashtag!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer of Creating, Challenge 21

This week's challenge comes from the amazing Andrea Keller.  I'll let her video speak for itself!

You can watch it by clicking HERE.

Happy Creating!  And don't forget to share with the hashtags #SummerofCreating and #EduLS!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Twitter!! Challenge 20

Now that most of you have jumped both feet into your summer (though I know a few up north are just finishing up) I wanted to create a challenge that has many different layers.

Last summer, when I was hosting the "Summer Learning Series" one of the first things we focused on was social media, and more specifically Twitter.

I know that we're all on different levels and paths when it comes to utilize social media for connecting, learning, growing, and more.

So what I wanted to do was share with you the posts from last summer.

Your challenge this week is to pick one, or more, of the posts from last summer and work on growing more in your use of social media.  Challenge yourself.  Push yourself out of your comfort zone.

I always say that Twitter changed my life.  It changed it professional and personally.  I hope that through this week's challenge you can make some new connections, learn some new materials, and push yourself to share some too!

Already a Twitter pro?  Join a new chat this week, or connect with someone you never have before.  Or Tweet out a burning question you having (using the #EduLS hashtag) and see what response you get!

What is Twitter?  And creating your account

Connect with Others!  Who Do I Connect With?

What is a Hashtag?  Why use them and which ones do I use?

REMEMBER, include the hashtag #EduLS with all of your tweets, so we can learn along WITH you!

Happy Learning!

(***want a weekly reminder email about challenges that have been released?  Sign up HERE)

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Take a Staycation - Challenge 19

With the school year wrapping up, what better way to begin your summer then by taking a "stay-cation"

What is a staycation?  Well this week's challenge comes from my friend Jed Dearybury.  Jed is one of the most engaging and exciting people I know.  Incredibly passionate about education and changing not only kids' lives but also affecting adults.  If you haven't connected with Jed Dearybury on social media, you definitely should.

Check out Jed's challenge by watching his video HERE (or the embedded video below)

Then when you're done, tweet out photos from you staycation with the hashtag #EduLS!  Enjoy your time exploring your community!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Write A Letter, Challenge 18

This week's challenge is a simple one, in theory.

As we wrap up our school year (and some have already ended!) the best thing we can do is reflect.

What your challenge is for this week is to write a letter to yourself all about this last school year.  Write about the the struggles, the joys, the successes, the failures, the whole shebang.

Take the time to write it out as if you were writing to a close friend.

Then, on the last day of school, when the final student has left, open your letter and re-read it (or if your year has ended, wait a week and read it fresh).  Reflect on the year.  And head into summer with a heart that is reminded that in the end, we did all we could!

So there ya go!  And if you're brave, share your letter via a picture or blog post and use the #EduLS hashtag when sharing it out!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Digital Scavenger Hunt, Challenge 17

We're back!  This week's challenge comes from the brilliant Karen Balbier.  And it's all about having YOU go on a Digital Scavenger Hunt!

It doesn't matter if the camera is on your phone or if you use a fancy Nikon, go on a hunt (learning walk) with your students, your child, or all by yourself.  You choose what you will hunt for; shapes, lines, angles, verbs, colors, types of rocks on the playground, plants, examples of patters, it's all up to you!  Pick a topic that relates to you, open your eyes and search for real world examples all around you and take all the pictures you want.

Then, to share your what you have collected, use an app like Pic Collage, or a slide show, or a presentation, or any movie tool of your choice, to share your real world examples.

Then share that out on social media using the #EduLS hashtag!

Here's to a great hunt!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Classroom Design, Challenge 16

This week's challenge is brought to you by one of my favorite people, Greg Smedley-Warren.  Greg is a kindergarten teacher in Nashville, Tennessee.

This week's challenge is all about relinquishing control a little bit.

But I'll let Greg explain more.  You can watch his video challenge HERE.

Now, the hard part, completing the task!  Are you up for the challenge?  Share your progress this week with changing up your classroom design by tweeting or sharing on FB or Google+ using the #EduLS hashtag!  Have fun!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

EdCamps! Challenge 15

This weekend I was able to help organize and host my third EdCamp (EdCampNavasota).  I absolutely love EdCamps. For those of you who may not know what an EdCamp is or have never been to one here's a great video for you to check out:

EdCamps are known as an UnConference.  They're completely participant driven.  So much so that the schedule isn't even designed until the day of, and it's based completely after what YOU want to learn about.

My favorite part about EdCamp though?  It's not about presentations.  It's all about conversations.

And even if you can't be at a local EdCamp, there are EdCamps happening every single weekend!  You can just look on twitter and see so many great EdCamp hashtags and you can learn from the EdCamps without even being able to attend one in person!  You can see all what learning happened at the EdCampNavasota this weekend by checking out #EdCampNavasota on Twitter!

So what is your challenge this week?  Well it takes on two parts.

1.  If you've been to an EdCamp, share why you enjoyed it and one thing you learned using the #EduLS hashtag.

2.  The second part is to FIND an EdCamp to attend OR to organize your own local EdCamp! And share your plans/process with the #EduLS hashtag. (you can find tons of Edcamps HERE)

Organizing an EdCamp is not a complicated process and doesn't take a ton of time.  Surround yourself with a great team and it's easy!  You can find tons of information and help on

So there's this week's challenge!  Don't be afraid to reach out to other people who've done EdCamps as well to get ideas or help!  So what are you waiting for???  Find an EdCamp near you (or organize your own) and get to learning!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Innovate! Challenge 14

This week's challenge is brought to you by Jason Bretzmann!  And I think it's another perfect one for this time of year.

Jason's challenge is a simple, yet challenging one.  Simply put, find a way this week to innovate.

You can find Jason's challenge video HERE.  So what are you waiting for?

*** on a side note, I've heard some people tell me "I don't have time for this week's challenge".  Keep in mind that you can do these challenges in any order that you want!  If you miss a week or two, that's ok!!  This learning is for YOU!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Positive Post-It Day, Challenge 13

I am so excited and thrilled for this week's challenge.  This week's challenge comes from the BRILLIANT Tony Sinanis.  Tony did this week's challenge just this last week with his entire staff!

This week's challenge is all about creating a "Positive Post-It Day" on your campus!  Watch Tony's short video below to hear a little about it....

(if you're on a mobile device and can't see the video, click HERE to watch it)

After watching Tony's video you can check out his blog post about it, HERE.

So that's your challenge this week.  Create a Positive Post It Day at your campus and share via the hashtags #EduLS and #PositivePostItDay.

Let's all take a little time to share some positivity and watch the difference it makes!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Learning From Others, Challenge 12

So in case you couldn't tell, last week we took a week off!  Sometimes we just need time to re-focus or even recuperate.

This week's challenge is one that I have gained so much from.

About a year and a half ago, I started a little podcast series with my friends Chris Kesler and Stacey Huffine.  We all loved learning from other technology related podcasts that we were listening to.

But I began to realize that the stories that stuck out most to me, were the personal stories, not just the technology ones.

Through that EduAllStars was born.

EduAllStars is a podcast that seeks to allow educators to share their stories and their journey.  It gives you a glimpse into a person and what makes them a great educator.

Chris and I now co-host the series and release a new episode every week on iTunes, but you can also find all of the interviews on our website.  We choose people that inspire Chris and me.  These people are educators who are just like YOU.  Working their behinds off to change kids' lives.

Your challenge this week is to watch at least one interview and design a tweet, create a canva, make a thinglink, design an infographic, write a blog post, or do whatever you wish!  But show what you learned from that person.  Tweet or FB it out and include the hashtag #EduLS.  Let's all learn together and from each other and share our stories.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Celebrate Someone

This week's challenge is easy, and it comes straight from me!

How easily we forget our worth.  How easily we forget we hold value.  You can look around on any given day and there is someone struggling with self-belief.

This week I challenge you to celebrate someone.  To find a creative way to remind someone of how much they mean to you.  Maybe it's just writing them a smile note, maybe it's filling their office with balloons, maybe it's as easy as looking them in the eye and tell them, face to face, you matter.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate someone this week, share your celebration through social media using the #EduLS hashtag.

Hey, why just stop at one person?  Let's celebrate as many as we can this week!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Send Them On Learning Missions; Challenge 10

I am thrilled about this week's #EduLS challenge!

This week's challenge comes to you from the incredible Shelly Terrell!  Shelly is one of the co-founders of the #edchat hashtag!  She travels all over the world helping educators and kids.  She also just recently released her brand new book "The 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers".

Her challenge this week is simple in theory, but may require some creative thinking on your end!  It's all about sending someone on a "learning mission".  I love the idea behind this and can't wait to see what you come up with!

Click HERE to see Shelly's challenge!  And remember to tweet our your creations using the #EduLS hashtag!  Happy Learning!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Creating a @Piktochart or @ThingLink_Edu

First off I want to say how much I absolutely love seeing all the things shared via the #EduLS hashtag.  There are so many creative and innovative ideas that are just pushing me and my creativity as well!  Thank you to those of you stepping outside your comfort zone and trying new things!

This is another weekly challenge all about creation.  This week's challenge comes from my good friend Paul Carver.  Paul is one of the most innovative guys I know and someone who is always up for trying to think outside the box and challenge his students in their PBL/Makerspace environment!

This week's challenge is all about creating a Piktochart or ThingLink.  You can find Paul's challenge video HERE that gives you more information!

Remember to share out your creations using the #EduLS hashtag on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook!

Happy Learning!

(**the link to claim your badge will be up soon)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Let's Make a @SmorePages, @Tackk, or @Canva!

This week is all about creating with easy to use tools!  My good friend Janet Corder (who is one of the kindest and most brilliant people I know!) has developed an AWESOME challenge for you to use Smore or Tackk page.

You can learn more about Smore, Tackk, and see Janet's challenge for you HERE.

I love Smore, but even more so I'm a little obsessed with Canva.  I use Canva for everything we do at my school!  It's less interactive than Smore or Tackk, but it allows me to create these flyers and posters for our school and events that look like they're professionally made!

So what's your challenge this week?  Create a Smore page, Tackk page, or a Canva design for something you're doing in you classroom/school and share it on social media using the #EduLS hashtag!

Easy right?  Have fun!

Click the link to claim your badge! 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Let's Play ConnectED Bingo #StuConnect! Challenge 7

Last week's challenge was AMAZING!  I absolutely loved reading all the #LoveTeaching tweets!  It was constant encouragement throughout last week!

This week's challenge comes from my good friend Brad Gustafson!  Brad is a Principal in Minnesota.  He has worked with a few of his connected friends to design a Bingo game taking place in the month of February!  Here's more info from Brad:

This week’s Educator Learning Series challenge is called “ConnectED BINGO.” We’re inviting classrooms everywhere to join us. The goal is to foster a genuine love of reading through social interaction and great literature.  ConnectED BINGO contains some really neat mini-challenges and special activities from educators across the country.  It’s awesome!! This video contains a short introduction from Brad Gustafson, along with a special instructions from students/educators from Minnesota, New York, and New Jersey.

Join us as we play ConnectED BINGO and celebrate “I Love to Read” month in style…with your friends from #EduLs

So what are you waiting for?  Get you, your school, your classroom, your child, a bingo board and let's join together to share a love of reading!

Tweet out photos this week of kids (or you!) working on the Bingo boards and completing challenges and make sure you use the #StuConnect and #EduLS hashtags!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Why I #LoveTeaching: Challenge 6

I am so very excited about this week's challenge and all the amazingness that is going to come of it.

I recently wrote a blog post entitled "Why I Will Never Quit".  The post talked about how too often I hear people leaving our profession for one reason or another.  But for me, these kids mean far too much for me to ever walk out on them.

Not too long ago I met two guys, virtually.  First I met Gary Abud.  Gary is an Instructional Coach in Michigan and is the 2014 Michigan Teacher of the Year!  Then last month I got a chance to chat with Sean McComb.  Sean is a teacher in Maryland is the NATIONAL Teacher of the Year for 2014.  Their two brilliant minds have brought you this weeks challenge.

The first thing you can do is watch Sean's quick challenge video HERE.

Then you can watch the PowToon video that Gary made HERE with a little more information.

Gary also wrote a quick blog post that goes into a little more depth of the #LoveTeaching movement this week.  You can read his post HERE.

So what is your challenge this week?  Your challenge is exactly what it says above.  Your challenge is to each day this week share a reason why you Love Teaching using the hashtags #LoveTeaching AND #EduLS.  Let's flood the internet with all of the things that Teachers love about their profession.  Let's do it through blog posts, pictures, drawings, stories, phrases, all kinds of things!

So what are you waiting for? Let's start now!

Click here to claim your badge once finishing this week's challenge.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Write a Blog! Challenge 5

This week's challenge is brought to you by my good friend Jon Harper.  Jon is a Vice Principal in Maryland.  If you haven't heard of Jon or checked out his blog posts you must.  He is one of my favorite blog writers ever.  Which leads us into this week's challenge....

You can start by watching Jon's challenge video HERE.  And you can find the post he references in the video by clicking HERE.

This week's challenge is to write your very own blog post!  If you already have a blog, then your challenge this week is to dust it off, write a new post, and share it via the #EduLS hashtag on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, or instagram!

Blogging is something I never thought I would do, but completely fell in love with.  It helps me reflect and it provides a place for me to come back to weeks, months, or years later down the road and see my growth from that point on.  I know that I personally can't wait to read all the blog posts this week and learn right along side of you!

A few of my favorite blogs/bloggers are

Pernille Ripp:
Justin Tarte:
Erin Klein:
Vicki Davis:
Benjamin Gilpin:
Brad Gustafson:
Jimmy Casas:
Tony Sinanis:

So take some time to watch Jon's video, check out his blog, my blog or countless others!  Happy blogging!

Click the following link to claim your badge!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week 4 Challenge: Enhancing Communication and Relationships

I really think this week's challenge is a must-do for every educator.  It involved building relationships and enhancing the ways you communicate with families.

It's brought to you by my good friend Daisy Marino.  Daisy is a teacher in Warren, Texas.  She is passionate, innovative, and kind.  So without further's Daisy's challenge for YOU!

From Daisy:

First off, watch her video HERE.

I am a strong believer that parent/teacher relationships are vital to educating the 

whole child. When we are working together as a whole unit instead of just parts we 

are going to be more successful. My challenge for you is to tear down the walls 

between teachers and parents. I am on a mission to open up the lines of 

communication and form relationships that help foster student success, and I hope 

that you will join me. There are several different ways you can begin. I challenge you 

to choose two of the following:

1. A simple postcard home – Send a positive postcard home to at least three 

students this week. They will be thrilled to receive “real” mail, and their 

parents will appreciate that someone else took the time to notice their child’s 

great qualities. Students are more than just students. They are artists. They 

are kind. They are helpers. Let them know that you’ve noticed and that you’re 

thankful they are in your class.

2. Start a Remind group for your class – Remind is an amazing way to 

provide effective communication to your parents and students. I send 

spelling lists, reminders about upcoming events, pictures of students during 

school, and encouraging words. Parents will always be in the know, and the 

frustration of forgetting events or homework lists will be removed from 

already stressful evenings full of activities, sports, dinners, and homework. 

Visit where they provide you with easy instructions to 

start your own group. They also have tips on ways to use Remind in your 

class, blogs about educational happenings, and teachers for you to connect 

with from all over. I am on their Teacher Advisory Board (so is Todd) and 

would love to answer any questions that you have regarding their awesome 

tools for teachers.

3. Start a class or school Facebook page – We started our school Facebook 

page 2 years ago and have had amazing results. Our page is not just an 

informational page. Our Facebook page provides parents with a glimpse into 

the day of students in our school. It’s like they get to walk down the halls of 

WES and check out what’s going on. Parents have been extremely 

appreciative of the up to date happenings and pictures of their students 

being actively engaged throughout the school day…not to mention having 

fun! These students are their kids. They love them and miss them during the 

day. Being able to see a glimpse of what they are doing while away from them 

is comforting. It also gives parents the opportunities to ask questions at the 

dinner table. Example – “I saw a picture of your class on an Augmented 

Reality Scavenger Hunt. What’s that??”  Here is the link to the school 

Facebook page that I manage for Warren Elementary School. Check it out for 


4. Start a school YouTube channel – I started our school YouTube channel in 

hopes of providing supplemental learning to parents, teachers, and students. 

Our assistant principal, Karen Ford, has made wonderful videos outlining 

parent pick-up and drop-off, dress code, and staff development for teachers. 

These videos have been extremely helpful to parents and teachers new to the 

district. Teachers are making videos to help students with their homework at 

night. What does this communicate to parents? It shows them that we care. It 

shows them that they matter. It shows them that we will go the extra mile to 

ensure student success.  Our YouTube channel is new, but please take a look 

at it. I hope that it will give you a few ideas. Setting up a YouTube channel is 

extremely easy. In fact, I watched a YouTube video to figure out how to do it! 

My students love making their own videos to help their peers and then 

watching them at home with their parents. Check out our WES Warriors You 

Tube channel here: 

Good luck! I hope that you will connect with me on Twitter @daisyray215. I can’t 

wait to check out the #EduLS hashtag to see how your challenge is going. If you have 

any other tips on parent/teacher communication please share them out.

Clcck this link to claim your badge! 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Producing Infopics #EduLS Challenge 3

I'm really pumped about this week's challenge.  One person that I've continually learned from and been inspired by has been Tony Vincent.  He is incredibly intelligent and has such a great grasp on exciting ways to use technology that isn't hard to figure out!  So when I reached out to Tony, I was thrilled when he agreed to design a challenge for the Educator Learning Series!

This week's challenge is all about infopics.  If you don't know what an infopic is, it's a picture with text overlaid on top of it to relay a message.  They're super easy to put together.

You can watch Tony's video HERE that explains more about it and shows you a few examples.

Your challenge this week is to create your very own infopic and share it on social media (Twitter, instagram, Google+, Facebook) using the hashtag #EduLS.

And remember, once you share it out, click HERE to earn your digital badge!  If you forgot how to get that check out last week's post by clicking HERE.

Happy Learning and Creating!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Videos? In Education? #EduLS Week 2 Challenge

I first have to start off by saying I absolutely loved checking out the #EduLS hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, instagram, and Google+ and seeing all the AMAZING #onelittleword that each of you chose to help guide and define 2015!

We have so many great things happening in education!

This week's challenge comes from my friend Rushton Hurley.  Rushton is the founder and executive director of a neat little site called Next Vista for Learning.  When I contacted Rushton to be a part of this Educator Learning Series, he was all in!  And I must say, I absolutely love this week's challenge that he's created for you.

As a teacher, once I started incorporating more video into my class it really energized things.  Now I'm not just talking about videos I found online.  I'm talking about when I started creating videos for my students, but even more so when my students started creating their own videos to share with the world!

And this challenge is great regardless of what subject or grade you teach!  I often hear teachers who teach the youngest of our children talk about "how do I make this work for my little ones".  The funny thing is those kids often make the best videos!  Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try something new!

So without further ado, Rushton's Challenge intro video is HERE, and the rest of the challenge is below.

Part 1

The first thing to know is that all of these videos (the linked item in each paragraph) are short. Really short. As in, don't blink; you might miss them.

There are all sorts of ways a video can help one learn something. Sometimes they mix rather traditional instruction with clever tweaks to make them more memorable, like this high school math one.

Other times, a teacher has worked with a class to tell a story so that the involvement of the students helps them better learn the ideas. This one, by students at an elementary school in Nebraska in the United States, shows the teacher's focus on helping the students improve their reading skills.

Videos don't need to include students on camera. What's important is that the visuals, however they are gathered, support the ideas to be conveyed. In this video, a teacher uses toys to tell a history lesson about Peter the Great of Russia.

Even when using footage, a video can be shot so that the person in it isn't identifiable. In this piece, a child explains how to tie a shoe, and the camera never shows his face. Note the shadow of the friend as you watch it.

Part 2

In all of the videos so far, the goal is to explain something clearly and creatively. Next Vista runs contests three times a year in which we invite teachers and students to creatively explain something one might encounter in school in 90 seconds or less. However, there is plenty more that students can learn through media projects.

We require that when students submit videos for our site, they use Creative Commons-licensed music or images from specified sites. Click here to see the guidelines for sources and citations for the current contest, Creative Expression.

We also challenge students to get to know charities in their communities and tell their stories in short videos. The idea is to help them better understand the joy and meaning that come from helping others. In this video, a team of boys tell the story of a special division of a local little league.

Sometimes teachers want to create a set of videos for a particular audience. In this case, the video is part of a set created by a group of Year 5 students in Birmingham, England, designed to help the youngest children at the school learn the alphabet.

Finally, it's important to know that video can help a child tell his or her story in especially powerful ways. In this case, a teacher asked his middle school students to create a video telling how they see the world. One student, Michael, created a video that might help your students better understand some of their peers.

Part 3 (optional)

The goal with these videos has been to help you think of different ways your students might use videos they watch or create to make their learning more memorable. As I often say, when students know others will see their work, they want it to be good. When it is just for the teacher, they want it to be good enough.

There are lots of tools students can use to create videos, even if they don't have anything more than an old laptop with a microphone. Even if you have no tech at your school, simply asking students to design a video and submit a script can be a creative way to get them to think through what they've learned. The bonus for making it this far is getting a set of free resources to explore how to do new things with technology, feel free to visit the resource pages linked below.

And finally, the extra-cool, out-of-control groovy, over-the-top hip element to this challenge (you might be able to guess my age, following that last round of adjectival terms) is to take a shot at entering our spring 90-second video contest, or getting your students involved in this year's Service via Video project. This part is not something you need to do as you report in your challenge via the Learning Series form, though. Just give one or both of those sites a look, and see what you think.

Best wishes for 2015!

So, there ya go! The challenge this week is to learn a little more about video creation and remember to share out your learning on social media via the #EduLS hashtag! Take a step outside your comfort zone this week! Create a short video, or better yet have your students create one, upload it, and share it online! We all can learn so much from each other!

I've also contacted my good friend Russell Kahle. He's going to be designing digital badges that you can claim as soon as you've finished one of the challenges through this Educator Learning Series! He's created a video (HERE) that you can watch to see exactly how to claim your badge!

Week 1 - #onelittleword

Week 2 - Create a Video

Happy Learning! (and look out for next week's challenge from the amazing Tony Vincent!)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Week 1 Challenge: One Little Word #EduLS

Well, we're BACK!!

I can't tell you how excited I am to be bringing you the Educator Learning Series for an entire year instead of just the summer!  We had over 3,000 people from 8 different countries participating last summer!

If you missed our summer installment, don't worry, you can still check out all those awesome challenges, HERE!

Just like this past summer, I am going to be reaching out to many of my friends to help me create these weekly challenges.

There are no rules to these challenges.  You don't have to complete them one by one.  Complete the ones that speak to you!

My hope is just that you find some value in some of the ideas, tools, and teaching practices that will be shared by people from all over the world.

First off, I want to remind everyone to SHARE your learning!  Whether that be through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or wherever you are!  We want as many people learning together as possible.  Use the hashtag #EduLS so that we can easily find all the great stuff you're sharing!

Challenge #1

So here's our first challenge.  Earlier last week I read a post by the incredible Lisa Dabbs.  I asked Lisa if I could use her post for our first challenge and she was thrilled!

Every year we hear all this talk about resolutions and getting ready to be better in a new year.

This year, instead of a resolution, what if we just came up with #onelittleword to help us guide and define our year ahead of us?

You can read more about this HERE.

So your challenge this week is to come up with your #onelittleword and share it on social media using the #EduLS hashtag!  Be creative though.  Take a picture of yourself holding the word up, design a graphic, paint it on a canvas.  Create it in a way that you can post it somewhere to remind yourself every day!

So there you have it.  Week 1 is pretty easy.

What's my word you may ask?  Well I've decided that my word for this year is "impact".  I want to make sure that every choice I make and every path I choose is one that will leave a lasting impact.  One that will make waves, challenge, support, create, and show love.  I want my entire journey this year leave an impact.

So, what's yours?