Sunday, May 10, 2015

Digital Scavenger Hunt, Challenge 17

We're back!  This week's challenge comes from the brilliant Karen Balbier.  And it's all about having YOU go on a Digital Scavenger Hunt!

It doesn't matter if the camera is on your phone or if you use a fancy Nikon, go on a hunt (learning walk) with your students, your child, or all by yourself.  You choose what you will hunt for; shapes, lines, angles, verbs, colors, types of rocks on the playground, plants, examples of patters, it's all up to you!  Pick a topic that relates to you, open your eyes and search for real world examples all around you and take all the pictures you want.

Then, to share your what you have collected, use an app like Pic Collage, or a slide show, or a presentation, or any movie tool of your choice, to share your real world examples.

Then share that out on social media using the #EduLS hashtag!

Here's to a great hunt!

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