Sunday, March 29, 2015

Learning From Others, Challenge 12

So in case you couldn't tell, last week we took a week off!  Sometimes we just need time to re-focus or even recuperate.

This week's challenge is one that I have gained so much from.

About a year and a half ago, I started a little podcast series with my friends Chris Kesler and Stacey Huffine.  We all loved learning from other technology related podcasts that we were listening to.

But I began to realize that the stories that stuck out most to me, were the personal stories, not just the technology ones.

Through that EduAllStars was born.

EduAllStars is a podcast that seeks to allow educators to share their stories and their journey.  It gives you a glimpse into a person and what makes them a great educator.

Chris and I now co-host the series and release a new episode every week on iTunes, but you can also find all of the interviews on our website.  We choose people that inspire Chris and me.  These people are educators who are just like YOU.  Working their behinds off to change kids' lives.

Your challenge this week is to watch at least one interview and design a tweet, create a canva, make a thinglink, design an infographic, write a blog post, or do whatever you wish!  But show what you learned from that person.  Tweet or FB it out and include the hashtag #EduLS.  Let's all learn together and from each other and share our stories.

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