Sunday, March 1, 2015

Creating a @Piktochart or @ThingLink_Edu

First off I want to say how much I absolutely love seeing all the things shared via the #EduLS hashtag.  There are so many creative and innovative ideas that are just pushing me and my creativity as well!  Thank you to those of you stepping outside your comfort zone and trying new things!

This is another weekly challenge all about creation.  This week's challenge comes from my good friend Paul Carver.  Paul is one of the most innovative guys I know and someone who is always up for trying to think outside the box and challenge his students in their PBL/Makerspace environment!

This week's challenge is all about creating a Piktochart or ThingLink.  You can find Paul's challenge video HERE that gives you more information!

Remember to share out your creations using the #EduLS hashtag on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook!

Happy Learning!

(**the link to claim your badge will be up soon)

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