Monday, January 19, 2015

Producing Infopics #EduLS Challenge 3

I'm really pumped about this week's challenge.  One person that I've continually learned from and been inspired by has been Tony Vincent.  He is incredibly intelligent and has such a great grasp on exciting ways to use technology that isn't hard to figure out!  So when I reached out to Tony, I was thrilled when he agreed to design a challenge for the Educator Learning Series!

This week's challenge is all about infopics.  If you don't know what an infopic is, it's a picture with text overlaid on top of it to relay a message.  They're super easy to put together.

You can watch Tony's video HERE that explains more about it and shows you a few examples.

Your challenge this week is to create your very own infopic and share it on social media (Twitter, instagram, Google+, Facebook) using the hashtag #EduLS.

And remember, once you share it out, click HERE to earn your digital badge!  If you forgot how to get that check out last week's post by clicking HERE.

Happy Learning and Creating!


  1. Todd, I'm really happy to get to be part of an #EduLS challenge! I love seeing the infopics being posted on Twitter.

    If anyone would like to see more examples, here's a gallery of some infopics I've made: (the page also has links to the apps I mentioned).

  2. I'm really enjoying these challenges and so glad I found your blog. I attended TCEA recently and I gave Twitter a second chance there. I saw some of your tweets and it directed me over here. Looking forward to the future challenges.