Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week 4 Challenge: Enhancing Communication and Relationships

I really think this week's challenge is a must-do for every educator.  It involved building relationships and enhancing the ways you communicate with families.

It's brought to you by my good friend Daisy Marino.  Daisy is a teacher in Warren, Texas.  She is passionate, innovative, and kind.  So without further's Daisy's challenge for YOU!

From Daisy:

First off, watch her video HERE.

I am a strong believer that parent/teacher relationships are vital to educating the 

whole child. When we are working together as a whole unit instead of just parts we 

are going to be more successful. My challenge for you is to tear down the walls 

between teachers and parents. I am on a mission to open up the lines of 

communication and form relationships that help foster student success, and I hope 

that you will join me. There are several different ways you can begin. I challenge you 

to choose two of the following:

1. A simple postcard home – Send a positive postcard home to at least three 

students this week. They will be thrilled to receive “real” mail, and their 

parents will appreciate that someone else took the time to notice their child’s 

great qualities. Students are more than just students. They are artists. They 

are kind. They are helpers. Let them know that you’ve noticed and that you’re 

thankful they are in your class.

2. Start a Remind group for your class – Remind is an amazing way to 

provide effective communication to your parents and students. I send 

spelling lists, reminders about upcoming events, pictures of students during 

school, and encouraging words. Parents will always be in the know, and the 

frustration of forgetting events or homework lists will be removed from 

already stressful evenings full of activities, sports, dinners, and homework. 

Visit where they provide you with easy instructions to 

start your own group. They also have tips on ways to use Remind in your 

class, blogs about educational happenings, and teachers for you to connect 

with from all over. I am on their Teacher Advisory Board (so is Todd) and 

would love to answer any questions that you have regarding their awesome 

tools for teachers.

3. Start a class or school Facebook page – We started our school Facebook 

page 2 years ago and have had amazing results. Our page is not just an 

informational page. Our Facebook page provides parents with a glimpse into 

the day of students in our school. It’s like they get to walk down the halls of 

WES and check out what’s going on. Parents have been extremely 

appreciative of the up to date happenings and pictures of their students 

being actively engaged throughout the school day…not to mention having 

fun! These students are their kids. They love them and miss them during the 

day. Being able to see a glimpse of what they are doing while away from them 

is comforting. It also gives parents the opportunities to ask questions at the 

dinner table. Example – “I saw a picture of your class on an Augmented 

Reality Scavenger Hunt. What’s that??”  Here is the link to the school 

Facebook page that I manage for Warren Elementary School. Check it out for 


4. Start a school YouTube channel – I started our school YouTube channel in 

hopes of providing supplemental learning to parents, teachers, and students. 

Our assistant principal, Karen Ford, has made wonderful videos outlining 

parent pick-up and drop-off, dress code, and staff development for teachers. 

These videos have been extremely helpful to parents and teachers new to the 

district. Teachers are making videos to help students with their homework at 

night. What does this communicate to parents? It shows them that we care. It 

shows them that they matter. It shows them that we will go the extra mile to 

ensure student success.  Our YouTube channel is new, but please take a look 

at it. I hope that it will give you a few ideas. Setting up a YouTube channel is 

extremely easy. In fact, I watched a YouTube video to figure out how to do it! 

My students love making their own videos to help their peers and then 

watching them at home with their parents. Check out our WES Warriors You 

Tube channel here: 

Good luck! I hope that you will connect with me on Twitter @daisyray215. I can’t 

wait to check out the #EduLS hashtag to see how your challenge is going. If you have 

any other tips on parent/teacher communication please share them out.

Clcck this link to claim your badge! 

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