Sunday, February 22, 2015

Let's Make a @SmorePages, @Tackk, or @Canva!

This week is all about creating with easy to use tools!  My good friend Janet Corder (who is one of the kindest and most brilliant people I know!) has developed an AWESOME challenge for you to use Smore or Tackk page.

You can learn more about Smore, Tackk, and see Janet's challenge for you HERE.

I love Smore, but even more so I'm a little obsessed with Canva.  I use Canva for everything we do at my school!  It's less interactive than Smore or Tackk, but it allows me to create these flyers and posters for our school and events that look like they're professionally made!

So what's your challenge this week?  Create a Smore page, Tackk page, or a Canva design for something you're doing in you classroom/school and share it on social media using the #EduLS hashtag!

Easy right?  Have fun!

Click the link to claim your badge! 


  1. Love Smore and Canva is a fave of mine---never used Tackk, so I'll go that route for this challenge! thanks!

  2. Just made a flier for our upcoming Spelling Bee! I love it! I'm hooked. Thanks for this information.

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