Sunday, February 1, 2015

Write a Blog! Challenge 5

This week's challenge is brought to you by my good friend Jon Harper.  Jon is a Vice Principal in Maryland.  If you haven't heard of Jon or checked out his blog posts you must.  He is one of my favorite blog writers ever.  Which leads us into this week's challenge....

You can start by watching Jon's challenge video HERE.  And you can find the post he references in the video by clicking HERE.

This week's challenge is to write your very own blog post!  If you already have a blog, then your challenge this week is to dust it off, write a new post, and share it via the #EduLS hashtag on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, or instagram!

Blogging is something I never thought I would do, but completely fell in love with.  It helps me reflect and it provides a place for me to come back to weeks, months, or years later down the road and see my growth from that point on.  I know that I personally can't wait to read all the blog posts this week and learn right along side of you!

A few of my favorite blogs/bloggers are

Pernille Ripp:
Justin Tarte:
Erin Klein:
Vicki Davis:
Benjamin Gilpin:
Brad Gustafson:
Jimmy Casas:
Tony Sinanis:

So take some time to watch Jon's video, check out his blog, my blog or countless others!  Happy blogging!

Click the following link to claim your badge!


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